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Talks and Presentations (selection)

78th Meetings of the Academy of Management (2018, Chicago, IL, USA);  34th Colloquium of the European Group of Organization Studies (2018,  Tallinn, Estonia); Research Seminar on Innovation (2018, Radboud  University, Nijmegen, NL); 14th workshop on new-institutionalism (2018,  Bocconi, Milan, Italy); 42nd Workshop of the Wissenschaftskommission  Organisation (2018, University of Hamburg, Germany); Organization  Studies Seminar (Tilburg University, NL); Workshop of the  Wissenschaftskommission öffentliche BWL (2017, KPM, Bern, Switzerland);  33rd Colloquium of the European Group of Organization Studies (2017,  CBS, Copenhagen, Denmark); 41st Workshop of the Wissenschaftskommission  Organisation (2017, University of Hamburg, Germany); Strategic  Management Society Conference (2016, Berlin, Germany); 76th Meetings of  the Academy of Management (2016, Anaheim, CA, USA); 32nd Colloquium of  the European Group of Organization Studies (2016, University of Naples,  Italy); 40th Workshop of the Wissenschaftskommission Organisation (2016,  UZH, Zürich, Switzerland); 1st Workshop on Goal-Directed Networks  (2016, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain); 75th Meetings of the Academy of  Management (2015, Vancouver, Canada); 31st Colloquium of the European  Group of Organization Studies (2015, Athens, Greece); 30th Colloquium of  the European Group of Organization Studies (2014, Erasmus University,  Rotterdam, NL); Interdisziplinäre Tagung ‘Dynamiken räumlicher  Netzwerkstrukturen’ (2014, Darmstadt); 10th New Institutionalism  Workshop (2014, LUISS, Rome, Italy); 37th Workshop der  Wissenschaftkommission Organisation (2013, Friedrich-Schiller  Universität, Jena, Germany); DFG-NSF Research  Conference on Reckoning with the risk of catastrophe (2012, Washington  DC, USA); 28th Colloquium of the European Group of Organization Studies  (2012, Helsinki, Finland); 12th EURAM Conference (2012, Rotterdam, NL);  36th Workshop of the Wissenschaftkommission Organisation (2012, Freie  Universität Berlin, Germany); Interdisziplinärer Workshop zu dezentrale  Organisation und Netzwerke (2011, Universität Siegen, Germany); 27th  Colloquium of the European Group of Organization Studies (2011, Göteborg  University, Sweden); 2nd International Conference on Path Dependence  (2011, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany); 70th Meetings of the Academy  of Management, OMT Division (2010, Montreal, Canada); 26th Colloquium of  the European Group of Organization Studies (2010, Universidade Nova de  Lisboa, Portugal); Constructing Green Conference (2010, University of  Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA); International Summer School on the Logic of  Self-Reinforcing Processes (2009, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany);  2nd International Conference on Institutions and Space (2009, University  of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada).